Saturday, 6 December 2014

Embracing the jorney … der Weg ist das Ziel!


I've really been neglecting my poor blog lately. It's time for a little update! I've had a busy autumn in the studio, working on commissions. As well, I've been experimenting a lot. I kind of feel there's something new coming up stylewise … maybe … but nothing is decided yet. There are these times when you just need to retreat into your own space to try out things and let them grow slowly. At least this is the case for me.
I've as well been painting some canvases, something I never thought I would ever do. I've always felt I am a designer and an illustrator and not a painter. That was before taking MATS last year – I really caught the painting bug there! For now I am doing this purely for myself with no professional plans at all. How fun, art just for myself – I feel this is very refreshing to be honest!

Die letzte Zeit habe ich meinen Blog wirklich sehr vernachlässigt. Es ist Zeit für ein kleines Update! Hier im Studio war ich mit Aufträgen gut beschäftigt. Ich habe aber auch viel herumexperimentiert. Meine Arbeit scheint sich gerade etwas neu zu sortieren … vielleicht … bis jetzt ist noch nichts entschieden. Es gibt einfach diese Phasen, in denen man sich zurückziehen muß, um ganz in Ruhe herumzubasteln und die Dinge reifen zu lassen. Jedenfalls mir geht das so.
Und ich habe auch ein bißchen gemalt. Das hatte ich nun wirklich niemals vor … ich habe mich immer mehr als Designerin und Illustratorin gesehen denn als Malerin. Bis ich mir letztes Jahr durch MATS den Malerei-Virus eingefangen habe! Im Moment male ich nur für mich selbst und habe keinerlei professionellen Pläne damit. Und ehrlich gesagt ist das mal was anderes und tut richtig gut!

Today I want to share one of these paintings. I did this one after a long and very busy week on Saturday night and I guess my subconscious was really taking over as I was so very tired. I don't really know where these figures and the big flower came from, they just appeared, but they are soothing and uplifting to me. And I instantly knew this was all about enjoying the journey and not being so tied up over results, something I have been thinking about a lot lately. So I added some words and put it up on my studio wall as a reminder to just be in the moment more often, with both my life and my art.

Heute möchte ich hier eins dieser Bilder zeigen. Es ist nach einer langen und hektischen Woche entstanden, am Samstagabend, und mein Unterbewußtsein hatte wohl so ziemlich das Ruder übernommen, weil ich so müde war. Ich weiß selbst nicht so recht, woher die Figuren und die große Blume kamen, sie waren einfach da, aber auf mich wirkten sie beruhigend und aufbauend. Und ich wußte gleich, daß es hier darum ging, den Weg zu genießen, und sich nicht zu sehr an Resultaten festzuklammern. Darüber habe ich in letzter Zeit oft nachgedacht. Also ergänzte ich noch einen kurzen Text. Jetzt hängt das Bild hier im Studio, und erinnert mich daran, mehr im Moment zu sein, sowohl bei der kreativen Arbeit als auch im Leben.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Late Summer … Altweibersommer

We are having a wonderful late summer right now. So – we do nothing much but sit in the sun and enjoy the garden whenever there's a bit of free time :-) It all gets so precious when you know that the colder days are right around the corner …
Here are some pics from our garden in it's late summer glory!

Gerade haben wir hier einen richtig schönen Spätsommer. Also – wenn ein bißchen Luft ist – nix wie ab in die Sonne und den Garten genießen :-) Diese Tage sind so kostbar! Die kalte Zeit steht ja schon vor der Tür …
Hier sind einige Bilder von unserem Garten in all seiner Spätsommerpracht! 

Friday, 29 August 2014

In the dark of the night … In der Stille der Nacht …

Here's my submission for the Global Talent Search by Lilla Rogers Studio.
I wasn't chosen to go on in the next round, but enjoyed working on it anyway. I think it will look good in my portfolio!

Good luck to the 50 artists that were chosen for the second round!

To explain it a bit, the theme for this assignment was "Little Terrariums", and we were to do a design to be used as wall art. After an initial moment of disbelieve I totally loved the brief, when I found out that in english a terrarium is not a cage for crocodiles and lizards and such (as it would be in german), but a little garden planted inside a big glass jar. It's mainly succulents and cacti and plants like that, and while doing my research I already realize that I was going to love this. The forms of these plants are amazing, and to me they called out load and clear to be cut in paper and to be printed. Although I initially planned to do something painted, but ok, change of plans …
First I sketched out loads and loads of plants, only simple sketches, to get a feeling for the forms. Then I cut them in thick paper. I did far too many, I think it's more than 50 cutouts, I just got carried away. I'll probably do a whole series of them later on … here's some of my cutouts, together with the prints I did with them.

Papercuts and monoprints for GTS

Then I dwelled a while on the question wether I should print them as original monoprints. I even started mixing the colours. But then decided to do my composition digitally and scanned in what I had printed in just one colour. Good move, I am happy that I did, as this way I had much more possibilities for choosing the colours and composition.
Originally I didn't think to include figures or characters at all, but when I put the printed elements together they looked so magical to me that I went back to my scissors and did a fairy … not sure why I did the winged horse … it just came about. I liked the way these figures were not too literal and not too detailed, so that there's still room for the viewer's imagination. And with the figures came the story: I was going to do a night time scene with a little secret garden coming to life.
When I look at it today I would maybe only include the horse … or two horses? And keep the fairy for another illustration, which would work well as series. Not sure about the text either … I think it needs something that tells more of a story … will think about it!

You can see the gallery of all submissions to GTS  here and the gallery of the 50 artists chosen for round 2 here. Enjoy! It's a visual feast :-)

Monday, 25 August 2014

"Artists around the world" bloghop

Now it's my turn now in this bloghop, linking artists around the world :-) We have been asked 4 questions about our work and work process and post our answers on our blogs, then linking up to the next artists.

Let me quickly introduce myself first, I am Eva Marion Seyffarth, a surface designer and illustrator from Germany working under the studio name "Eva twinkles".

I have been invited to this hop by my friend and collague Vivayne, a freelance artist from Las Vegas. Please check out her lovely work here and blog here!
Here's a set of plates she did, which I love for it's softness and dreamy atmosphere:

"A joyous time", copyright Vivayne.

And here are my answers to the 4 bloghop questions:

1. Why do I do what I do?
Well I felt drawn to be an illustrator and designer as long as I can think. The creative process is something that comes very naturally to me, creating is just what I do, as simple as that. But if you dig deaper I guess it's mostly the freedom that comes with it: you get to create your own world, and I LOVE that.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Ok, the good old style question … I think what sets me apart is textures and translucency. It's as well my foundation in traditional art, married together with all the digital possibilities we have nowadays. I am a very haptic person and love to make a mess with paint or handprinting techniques. I have a background in handprinting, and have been painting with watercolours since childhood. My father is a landscape watercolour painter and often took me out on painting trips into the forest or the fields, and  I guess that really has shaped me.
On subject matter, I am mostly inspired by nature – often by organic structures in plants and landscape but as well by flora and fauna and landscape in general. Next biggest inspiration is words, storytelling and folk tales.

"Seed", plate design, part of the "Essential Garden" collection,
done with monoprints + Illustrator

Papercut motifs, which then were monoprinted
and used for the "Essential Garden" collection

3. How does my creative process work?
Like said above, I always start by hand, with pen on paper or scissors or paint or printing ink. I nowadays work with gouache rather than with watercolour as the colours are more saturated and I love that you can go from translucent to pastose colours with it. When it comes to printing, I often work with papercuts and print them as monoprints. I am a classic case when it comes to sketchbooks too. I take mine everywhere with me, and scribble down ideas or inspirational stuff. Very often it's a sketch from my sketchbook that is the starting point for my work. I usually just start working on single motifs and bits that come to my mind for my theme till I get to saturation point. I then scan everything in and do my composition and additional elements in Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

"Moonseeds", seed pot drawings in my sketchbook

Painting with gouache for the "Folk Song" collection

Plate design for the "Folk Song" collection

4. What am I working on now?
I have just finished my piece for the first round of Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search. Unfortunately I can't show the piece yet … but you can see some work in progress pics in my previous blogpost.
I am as well working on editorial illustrations, to build up my portfolio. Doing Lilla Rogers' MATS courses has rekindled my love of this field and I would like to get more commissions in that market.
Last but not least I am working on a makeover of my website. So much has happened since I first published it about a year ago! My work has changed and evolved to be more "me" and I will be tearing down almost all the pieces I had on the site, replacing them with new work. It's totally scary, but feels good too. It's about time!

Why do we garden? Editorial Illustration
for an article about gardening in the city

And now let's travel on up to the north of Europe … please check in on the following monday, the first of September, to see what my collagues from Scandinavia have to say on their blogs!

Sanna Väätänen is a painter, photographer and illustrator from Finland. I love this inventive cuckoo clock design that she has done for a phone cover, it is a witty and very unique interpretation of the theme:

Cuckoo Clock Phone Cover, copyright Sanna Väätänen

See more of her illustrations here and please check in at Sanna's blog for her "Artists around the world" post on the first of September!

Simi Gauba is a pattern and product designer originally from India, but now based in Sweden. Here's a print that is available in her Society 6 store – I have to tell you it was a difficult choice, there's so much beautiful designs in that shop! But I especially love this print for it's boldness and inventive typography:

"Be Brave" art print, copyright Simi Gauba

Please make sure to take a look at the Simidesign blog for more beautiful things to see and for Simi's  "Artist's around the world" post on the first of September!

Thank you for visiting!

P.s.: You'd like to read more blogposts of this hop and to meet more creative souls form all over the world? Tasha Goddard is collecting them here on her blog, please take a look! Thanks Tasha for creating this linky, it's a fab idea, and I will sure be browsing the links as well!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Just a quick note, or two … eine kleine Notiz, oder 2 :–)

Dear readers, if you're looking for a blogpost in the "Artists around the world" bloghop … sorry, the schedule has changed. I will be here with my post for this hop next monday, 25th of August. So please check in again. Thanks!
This week it's my friend and collague Vivayne's turn, have a look here for her lovely blogpost!

Liebe Leser, wenn Sie jetzt hier eine Blogpost für den "Artists around the world" Bloghop erwarten, muß ich mich entschuldigen … der "Fahrplan" hat sich etwas geändert. Meine Post für diesen Bloghop wird nächsten Montag, also am 25. August, hier erscheinen. Schaun Sie doch nochmal rein! Danke!
Diese Woche ist meine Kollegin und Freundin Vivayne dran, ihre Blogpost finden Sie hier.

Global Talent Search 2014 – work in progress …

On another note, I am taking part in this years Global Talent Search by Lilla Rogers Studio. So far I didn't dare to post this as I was not sure if I would make the deadine, but I did :–) No chance to win this though, with so many fabulous artists from all around the world taking part in the competition. But it feels a bit like the designer's/ illustrator's Olympic games, and I sure want to be part of this! 
Althoug time pressured, I loved to work on the first assignment, it was fun to experiment with handprinted stuff again. More about this later on … as soon as the happy participants of the next round are announced. Speek to you soon!

Global Talent Search – choosing colours … Farbwahl

Und die zweite Notiz: ich nehme dieses Jahr an der Global Talent Search vom Lilla Rogers Studio teil. Bis jetzt hatte ich mich noch nicht getraut, das hier zu posten, ich hatte nämlich Bedenken, daß ich die Deadline nicht schaffen würde. Aber ich hab's geschafft :–) Ok, nun rechne ich wirklich nicht damit, diesen Wettbewerb zu gewinnen, nicht, wenn so viele interessante Kreative aus allen Teilen der Welt teilnehmen. Aber das ganze fühlt sich ein bißchen an wie die Olympiade der Designer und Illustratoren, und da möchte ich natürlich mit dabei sein!
Die erste Aufgabe hat mir viel Spaß gemacht (auch mit Zeitdruck …) – es war einfach schön, mal wieder mit Handgedrucktem zu experimentieren. Später mehr dazu … sobald die Glücklichen feststehen, die es bis in die nächste Runde geschafft haben. Bis bald!

Friday, 11 July 2014

MATS Bootcamp 4: At the sea … Am Meer

As you can see I've been on a short trip to the sea … courtesy of MATS Bootcamp!
That's because the June assignment was for "nautical wallart", and the mini was to draw "ships in a bottle". I planned to do something totally different, but then I had this idea:

Wie Sie hier sehen können war ich mal kurz am Meer … Schuld ist das MATS Bootcamp!
Bei der Aufgabe für den Juni ging es nämlich um "seemännische" Kunst für die Wand, und als Mini sollten wir Flaschenschiffe zeichnen. Ich wollte ja eigentlich ganz anders drangehen, aber dann hatte ich diese Idee:

Well it's not ships in a bottle really, more ships made out of bottles …
OK, das sind nicht wirklich Flaschenschiffe, eher Schiffe aus Flaschen …


… but I liked the idea and played a bit on, doing several "collages".
… aber mir gefiel die Idee und so habe ich noch ein bißchen weiter gebastelt und am Ende mehrere "Collagen" gemacht.


And here are the ships that I came up with for the Bootcamp Gallery. The ships shown above as first image is a newer version, reworked after the deadline because I wanted the overall feeling to be more light and breezy, just like a day at the beach. Still not 100% sure which version I like better …

You can find more beautiful nautical pieces here in the Bootcamp June Gallery.

Und das sind die Schiffe, die in die Bootcamp Gallerie gesegelt sind. Die Schiffe ganz oben sind eine neuere Version, die ich nach der Deadline gemacht habe, weil ich mehr von dem typischen Strandgefühl, und mehr Licht und Luft in meiner Arbeit haben wollte. Ich bin mir immer noch nicht ganz sicher, welche Variante ich besser finde …

Mehr schöne "Seestücke" finden Sie hier in der Juni Bootcamp Gallerie.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

MATS Bootcamp 3: Ommm …

Ok, jumping directly into May now … I am leaving April and MATS part B for now (more about that later on) as I'd like to be "on time" with blogging for the last two months of Bootcamp.
The May assignment of Bootcamp was for Editorial Illustration. I had already enjoyed working for that market in MATS part B, so I was happy when I found out that we had to illustrate a magazine article on meditation. "My" paragraph was about how meditation can "strip away the veneers that leave us living on life's surface". I really loved working on this assignment, and above is what I came up with.

OK, hier geht's jetzt direkt in den Mai … den April und MATS Teil B überspringe ich erstmal (mehr dazu später), denn ich möchte gern für die letzten beiden Bootcamp Monate mit meinem Blogposts "pünktlich" sein.
Bei der Bootcamp Aufgabe aus dem Mai ging es um Illustration, und zwar um Editorial. Diesen Bereich fand ich in MATS Teil B schon sehr interessant, und so freute ich mich natürlich über die Aufgabe, einen Zeitschriftenartikel über Meditation zu illustrieren. "Mein" Abschnitt ist mit "Tiefer eintauchen" überschrieben, und es geht die Fassade, die uns auf der Oberfläche des Lebens bleiben läßt, und die man durch Meditation abstreifen kann. Die Arbeit an der Illustration hat mir viel Spaß gemacht, und das Ergebnis sehen Sie oben.