Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Stargazing :-) and some happy news!

Ok, this post was meant to be about my second playfabric collection but now I just have to share these good news first! Two times success in the Minted + Domino contest, wohoo!!! Thank you so much everybody who voted for me! Here's my winning watercolour painting "The Willow Twins" that came 23th place in the top 30 winners! Out of 4841 submissions, so pretty chuffed here :-) 

And one of my fave figure studies "Seated in Blue" won an editor's pick! Both works will be licensed as wall art for the Minted collection and will be available for sale soon. You can find the gallery of all top 30 winners here:

And now, without further ado, here's part 2 of my submissions to the "Child's Play Fabric Challenge" on Minted, my "Space Adventure Collection".

No special inspiration here, except maybe a little bit of stargazing ;-) It's just one of the classic storybook themes for little boys' designs that I have always loved. All handdrawn and vector again.

"Milky Way Stroll" - please vote for it here

"Spaceship Parade" - please vote for it here

"Little Space Critters" - please vote for it here

I especially enjoyed creating those little critters from outer space and the way the play with stars and planets :-)

If you'd like to see part 1 of my submissions, just scroll down, you'll find them in my last blogpost.
And again, if you like my designs, I would be gratefull for your vote! Thank you so much!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Kid's pattern once again :-)

"Woodland Home" collection

It's been quite a while that I worked on designs for children – so I loved to design these fabric patterns for the "Child's Play Fabric Challenge" on Minted (fabric for nursery decor). Today I'll share part one of my submissions, my "Woodland Home" collection. As you can see, it is inspired by my surroundings! It's always nice to know where things come from so I am posting my mood board for the collection as well. I thought of the beautiful forests around here and all the stories and fairytales about what is "deep in the forest" – aiming to translate this magical atmosphere into fun and whimsical patterns. All handdrawn, working with vector for a change.
Please vote for my designs if you like them! Thank you so much!

"Woodland Home" inspiration board

"Deep in the Woods" – please vote for it here

"Woodland Stripe" – please vote for it here

"Woodland Foxes" – please vote for it here

"Little Forest Folks" – please vote for it here

I will share part 2 of my submissions soon – the "Space Travel" collection – so please stay tuned!

A BIG thank you those who take the time to vote on my designs! It is truly appreciated! Voting will be open until Tuesday, October 6.

P.s.: As you see this is yet another blogpost about a competition … I am really getting into Minted and because they curate their collection of licensed designs through an ongoing series of competitions it looks like there will be more vote asking in the future. I have to find a way to make this not too annoying, not sure how to do that yet …???
On the other hand it gives me the opportunity to show more of my work – with commissions and designs for outright sale this often is not possible. So in the end there's something good in this voting system too :-)

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Minted x Domino Art Challenge

Here we go with the next contest :-) I am really having a contest summer! This one is for wallart again, and this time round Minted has partnered with the wellknown american interior design and lifestyle magazine Domino. So the chosen works will be sold as art prints on both Minted and Domino, a fab opportunity! Here's a selection of the works I submitted. Votes welcome, like always ;-) Voting is open until 7pm on Tuesday, September 8 (central european time). Thank you so much!

First up here's a woodcut inspired by the poetry of New Zealand writer Keri Hulme and by old Maori myths. It is part of an ongoing series of woodcuts that aim to capture the rough and wild New Zealand coast as well as the poetic narratives. I've got a lot more sketches … waiting for an opportunity to carve and print them soon, hopefully. You can vote for it here.

"The Heart within"

"Rooted in Beauty"

I have paired my woodcut with a botanical study of a piece of root. I love doing these studies from nature … observing and drawing and observing again is almost like a meditation in paint. If you like it, please vote for it here.

Speeking about meditation here's a kind of river meditation. It started as a handpainted watercolour landscape that I later on manipulated digitally to highlight the mysterious atmosphere and the beautiful reflections of the river Lahn. The link to vote for it is here.

"River Reflections, soft sepia"

"Dark Romance 3"

I paired this with a drawing of Whitby Abbey. It seems very different but for me it is related by it's mystery vibe. In fact, Whitby Abbey is one of the settings in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. I do have a dark side! ;-) I am interested in all things Dracula as my diploma project (all these years ago …)  was a series of etchings to illustrate the novel by Bram Stoker. The drawing of Whitby Abbey is part of a series of three drawings and was done while staying in Whitby for some dark autumn days. I really could feel the dark and magic athmosphere creeping up on me there … Please vote for it here.

I love to join model drawing events if I can find them. It is good practice and a lot of fun and a good way to connect with other artists. These two watercolour and wax crayon studies were done in a model drawing club in London, held in a beautiful old mansion in Waterlow Park, Highgate. They are two of my faves and there are a lot of good memories are attached to them too :-) Please vote for them here (Blue Figure) and here (Seated in Blue).

"Blue Figure"
"Seated in Blue"

Finally I'll show you two more classic watercolour paintings:
a peaceful and soft landscape done in Flanders, Belgium. Please vote for it here.

"The Willow Twins"
"Colour Energy"

And finally a colourful and fun painting of summer flowers … that I did simply to admire their beauty. Here's the link to vote for it. Thanks so much!

Hope you like my submissions! If you'd like to see all of them, just hop over on my facebook page, I will post them all there.  
You can find the contest website here. There's an amazing amount of submissions. 4841 in fact! Lots of beautiful and interesting works to see … please wish me luck!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Another competition: Kid's Wallart … und noch ein Wettbewerb: Kunst für Kinder

Hi! Believe it or not I am back already – now really everything happens at the same time!

Here are my entries for the "A is for Art" competition on Minted. The brief was for personalizable art prints for children. I had lots of fun doing these, based on motifs from some older pattern designs of mine, and I think they worked out well. Hope that you have fun looking at them as well! Please vote for them if you like them! Voting is open until Monday, August 31.

First up there are three prints to give as gifts to the parents of a newborn child:

Please vote for my "Butterfly Wishes" here!

Here's the link to vote for my "Bunny Welcome"…


and this is the link to vote for the "Heart Tree".

And here's three more prints for a boy's room – although I think the pirates would work for a girl as well. As a girl I would have loved to be a pirate princess!

This link leads to the voting for my "Animal Pirates"!

 Please go here to vote for the big "Space Adventure" …

… and if you like this fearless knight go here for voting!


And please don't forget to vote as well for my submission to the Fabric 8 contest "Botanical sketchbook"! My pattern got me into the semifinals :-) and I would LOVE to go on further!
You can vote here until September 2, 2015. 


And I promise I'll come off of this vote asking soon. It is just all these good contests at the same time … 
(One more to come … more about that one next week …)

Friday, 28 August 2015

5 wins and a new contest … 5 Preise und ein neuer Wettbewerb

… and I need your votes again ;-)

But first of all a BIG THANK YOU to everybody who voted for me in the Minted for Art's sake competition (see my last blogpost). It was totally amazing, I won! My "Cloud Symphony, Ring of Kerry" came 5th place in the top 20 winners, out of about 4700 submissions. And to even top that I won 4 more editor picks as well! Honestly I am still shaking my head in disbelieve as I write this … :-)
Here's the winning painting:

And these are all my works that got picked. All of these will be licensed and included into the Minted collection of wallart, for sale soon!

And as I was just preparing the pictures for this blogpost, I got some more fab news! This time about the Fabric 8 contest by Moda Fabrics and Spoonflower with the theme of "Botanical sketchbook". The semifinalists have just been announced and I am in!!! Very happy :-) Here's my design , my "Rooftop Garden Book " which is b ased on a real sketchbook that I did when we started to plant our garden on the roof. Lots love and good memories in this one! 

And here's a peek into the garden book that was the starting point for my pattern:

I am really having a bit of competition frenzy at the moment (more to come …) but ok, there were just so many fab comps around at the moment!

And now for some shameless vote asking: PLEASE vote for my design if you like it, I would LOVE to get into the finals! The lucky winner of this competition will will be offered a contract to design a fabric collection for Moda Fabrics plus advance against royalties, and a Wacom tablet. Who wouldn't love to win that!?
You can vote here until September 2, 2015. Thank you so much! Would be fab if I could share some more happy news with you soon …

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Old and new and a contest … Altes und Neues und ein Wettbewerb

When recently sifting through my studio stuff I stumbled upon an old folder with watercolour works and monotype prints that I did quite some time ago. Turned out I still love lots of them, so I decided to submit them to the Minted "For Art's Sake" competition. Along with some newer pieces. I really enjoy seeing old and new together!

Als ich neulich durch meine 7-Sachen im Studio schaute fand ich eine Mappe mit alten Aquarellen und Monotypien. Ich mag immer noch viele davon, und so habe ich sie zum "For Art's Sake" Wettbewerb auf Minted eingereicht. Zusammen mit einigen neueren Arbeiten. Mir hat es richtig Spaß gemacht, Altes und Neues zusammen zu sehen!

"Cloud Symphony Ring of Beara Ireland"

"Cloud Symphony Donegal Ireland"

Here are two watercolour landscapes, part of my Irish "Cloud Symphony" series. Although they're different to what I mostly do nowadays I don't feel they're outdated. I can well imagine taking my watercolours and brushes out for a hike in the valley to do some river landscapes … hoping to do that soon! For me landscapes are good when they manage to transport feelings and evoke the atmosphere of the place. Hoping that I managed to do this with these works!
Landscape painting will always be close to my heart as it's very much where I come from as an artist. My father is a watercolourist and I spent many happy childhood days painting together with him somewhere in the forest or the fields.

Hier sind zwei Landschafts-Aquarelle, die zu meiner irischen "Cloud Symphony" Serie gehören. Auch wenn sie nicht das sind, was ich heute meistens mache, kommen sie mir nicht verstaubt vor. Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, mit Pinsel und Aquarellkasten bewaffnet rauszufahren und Flußlandschaften zu malen … das müßte ich wirklich mal wieder machen! Landschaftsbilder finde ich immer dann richtig  gut wenn sie es schaffen, Gefühle zu transportieren und die Atmosphäre des Ortes zum Leben zu erwecken. Ich hoffe, diese hier schaffen das!
Landschaftsmalerei wird mir immer am Herzen liegen – weil hier meine künstlerischen Anfänge zu finden sind. Mein Vater ist Aquarellmaler und in meiner Kindheit habe ich viele glückliche Stunden mit ihm zusammen draußen im Wald oder in den Feldern verbracht und vor Ort gemalt.

Rock Symphony No.2 Brittany France

This is a monotype printed from my own photography. Back in the old days I loved to experiment with all kinds of handprinting. I think it goes along well with the next piece, my little collection of seaweeds, done just some weeks ago.

Das hier ist eine Monotypie, von meiner eigenen Fotografie gedruckt. In der guten alten Zeit habe ich gern mit allen möglichen Handdruck-Techniken herumexperimentiert. Ich finde, sie paßt gut zum nächsten Bild, einer kleinen Seetang-Kollektion, die ich gerade mal vor ein paar Wochen gemalt habe.

"Garden of the Seven Seas"

I love the idea of painting collections and play with the thought to do more of these soon.
Ich finde die Kollektions-Idee gut und spiele mit dem Gedanken, bald mehr "gesammelte Motive" zu malen.

"Autumn Fire Fern"

The piece above is a real mix of old and new. It's based on an old monotype of fern leaves found here in the Lahn River Valley. I scanned the monotype in and manipulated it digitally.

Das Bild oben ist ein wirklichen Mix von alt und neu. Sie basiert auf einer alten Monotypie von Farnen, die hier an der Lahn wachsen. Ich habe die Monotypie eingescannt und dann digital weiter bearbeitet.

"Cactus Night"

"Cactus Night" is one of my fave pieces from this year. It holds a little aha-moment as it's made of elements that I did for three different assignments from the MATS courses and last year's Global Talent Search. One of the great learnings from Lilla Rogers and the MATS courses is to work in icons and combine them digitally. Love the freedom that you can have with this approach! I too love this piece's combination of watercolour, papercut, monotype and drawing. It feels 100% me and I am looking forward to more works with this style.

"Cactus Night" ist eines meiner Lieblingsmotive aus diesem Jahr. Es ist mit einem kleinen Aha-Moment verbunden, denn es besteht aus Elementen, die ich für drei verschiedene Aufgaben aus den MATS Kursen und der Global Talent Search 2014 gestaltet hatte. Ein Ergebnis der MATs Kurse ist das Arbeiten in einzelnen Bildelementen, die dann digital kombiniert werden. Ich genieße die Freiheit, die man dadurch hat! Und ich liebe hier auch die Kombination aus Aquarell, Scherenschnitt, Monotypie und Zeichnung. Die ist wirklich 100% "ich" – in diese Richtung möchte ich weiter arbeiten.

"Soft Summer Bouquet"

And I think it's fun to see that the "Cactus Night" goes along well with my "Soft Summer Bouquet", an old watercolour floral.
Und es ist schön zu sehen, daß die "Cactus Night" gut zu meinem "Soft Summer Bouquet" paßt, einem alten Blumenaquarell.

"Essential Garden Treasure"


"Essential Garden Seed"

And finally here are two pieces from the "Essential Garden" series. Again they hold an aha-moment for me as working on them I developed a monotyping technique that I now use pretty often. This way I reintroduced handprinting into my work. After I hadn't used it for years – a kind of full circle moment. I truely believe that nothing is wasted and everthing we once did shapes what we do today, in art and in life.

Und zum Schluß kommen hier noch zwei Motive aus der "Essential Garden" Serie. Auch sie sind mit einem Aha-Moment verbunden, weil ich bei der Arbeit daran eine Monotypie-Technik entwickelt habe, die ich heute oft benutze. Nachdem ich Handgedrucktes für ewige Zeiten nicht mehr verwendet hatte. Da schließt sich dann der Kreis! Ich bin mir sicher, daß nichts umsonst ist. Alles, was wir früher gemacht haben, beeinflußt auch immer das, was wir heute tun. In der kreativen Arbeit ebenso wie im Leben.

You can see these and some more of my work here on Minted (works by Eva Marion):
Diese und mehr Arbeiten könne Sie hier auf Minted finden (Arbeiten von Eva Marion): 
(please scroll down a bit)
(bitte ein bißchen runterscrollen)

Through the competition Minted looks for pieces to add to their wall art collection.
Das Minted-Team möchte durch diesen Wettbewerb neue Motive für seine Kollektion von Kunstdrucken finden. 

If you like my work and have a moment your votes would be highly appreciated! Voting is open till Monday, July 27, 2015, 10 am Californian time. Which is 7 pm in Germany. And please keep you fingers crossed for me! Thank you so much!!!
Wenn Ihnen meine Arbeiten gefallen und Sie einen Moment Zeit haben, würde ich mich sehr über Ihre Stimme freuen! Abgestimmt werden kann bis Montag, 27.Juli 2015 10 Uhr vormittags nach kalifornischer Zeit. Das ist 19 Uhr in Deutschland. Bitte drücken Sie mir die Daumen! Vielen Dank!!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My little corner of printed oddities … mein kleines Kuriositäten-Druck-Kabinett

While busily working on my last commission I produced some fab little oddities. I have used monoprinting in some of my illustration work. I can't show that work yet but I think I can share a few "by-products" just for fun – in fact they're either the results of wild experimentation or happy printing accidents.

Während der Arbeit an meinem letzten Auftrag habe ich ein paar nette Kuriositäten produziert. Für einen Teil meiner Illustrationen habe ich Monotypien verwendet. Die eigentliche Arbeit kann ich hier noch nicht zeigen. Aber ich denke ich kann mal nur so zum Spaß ein paar der "Nebenprodukte" zeigen – es handelt sich dabei entweder um wilde Experimente oder glückliche "Unfälle" beim Drucken.

So here's a nice pair of boots!
Los geht es mit ein paar zünftigen Stiefeln!

And a little cow parade :-)
Und hier kommt eine kleine Kuh-Parade :-)

And posting these I realized that here on the blog I never showed the odd sea creatures prints I did while working on these plate designs. So here are some:

Und beim Sortieren habe ich dann gemerkt, daß ich meine seltsamen Meerestiere hier auf dem Blog noch nicht gezeigt hatte. Die sind bei der Arbeit an diesen Tellerentwürfen entstanden. Hier sind ein paar davon:

A busy crab …
Ein geschäftiger Krebs …

an ethereal "ghost lobster" …
ein zarter "Hummergeist" …

and a bold "cubist" one!
und hier ist eine kräftige kubistische Sorte!

And then there's this odd leaf print from my last year's Global Talent Search work.
Loving it for it's simplicity.
Und dann ist da noch dieser ungewöhnliche Druck aus meiner Arbeit für die Global Talent Search 2014. Den liebe ich besonders weil er so schön schlicht ist.

I really like these experimental prints – still need to figure out what to do with them? I have the vague plan to make collages. Maybe add some drawing …? But then again I love some of them just as they are. Let's see … for now I'll just keep collecting!

Ich mag diese experimentellen Drucke sehr – muß aber noch herausfinden, was ich mit ihnen machen will. Ich habe die vage Idee, Collagen damit zu machen. Oder vielleicht noch ein bißchen Zeichnung zu ergänzen …? Aber andererseits mag ich manche auch einfach so wie sie sind. Mal sehen … fürs Erste sammle ich mal weiter!